West Papua province is number one ranked for 2017 Environmental Quality Index West Papuan


West Papua province is number one ranked for 2017 Environmental Quality Index

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Jayapura, Jubi – West Papua Province is first ranked for the Environmental Quality Index (IKLH) in 2017 at national with a percentage of 85.69 per cent, followed by West Kalimantan and Papua Province with 81.47 per cent.

The Head of Economic Affairs at the Center for Strategic Policy of the Ministry of Forestry’s Environment (KLHK), Abdul Muin said the index, which is part of KLHK strategic plans throughout 2015 – 2019, of both Papua and West Papua Provinces is still above the national average target for 2018.

“There should be an effort to maintain and increase the environmental quality index for both provinces to create a healthy environment,” Muin said in Jayapura, Tuesday (09/18/2018).

Further, he said the island of Papua is one of the world’s central attention, especially the environmentalists, due to its global tourists’ destinations. Thus, the concept of sustainable development is one of the primary keys to improving the quality of the sustainable environment. “This includes in the national action plan,” he said.

Moreover, he said even though the environment is one of the primary support of the sustainable development in addition to the economic, social and governance pillars, at the national level the index of environmental quality still underrated because its value is still unstable (changes all the time).

“This should not be a concern of the ministry of environment, but all stakeholders, both legislative and executive bodies, need to be involved as well as mandated in Act 23 of 2014 concerning the regional governance,” he said.

Separately, the Assistant of People’s Economy and Welfare Noak Kapissa said Papua Provincial Government have a strong commitment to restricting the impact of the greenhouse gas emissions through coordination with government and non-government institutions at regional and international levels.

Moreover, he said, Papua Provincial Government, through the Governor’s Decree Number 105/2015, already formed the Papua Low Carbon Development Task Force (PLCD-TF), which actively involved in the climate change issues in the land of Papua. (*)

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Reporter: Alex Loen
Editor: Pipiet Maizier