West Papua Increases Raja Ampat Community Tourism Management Capability West Papuan


West Papua Increases Raja Ampat Community Tourism Management Capability

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Raja Ampat Regency Government, West Papua, is currently trying to improve the ability of rural tourism communities to manage tourist destinations in their villages better. This effort was made to empower communities, open jobs, attract more tourists, who would then provide income to citizens.

This community capacity building is done by sending delegates to other provinces that have a good tourism area processing system. They set their destination on the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The head of the Raja Ampat Tourism Office, Yusdi Lamatenggo, said that he was bringing the village tourism community to learn to manage tourist destinations from the tourist village communities in Yogyakarta that were indeed more advanced.

Some of the destinations visited by delegates from Raja Ampat are Geopark, Sewu Mountain, Gunungkidul Comparative Cave, Batu Purba, Mount Merapi, and Borobudur Temple. This destination was chosen because it has an atmosphere and terrain that is more or less similar to the situation in West Papua. Delegates are expected to be able to take lessons and then have an overview of how to manage tourism potential in their respective villages.

The Raja Ampat delegation is also expected to be able to learn from Gunungkidul. Gunungkidul is known to be barren and has difficulty getting clean water. Even so, nowadays Gunungkidul has successfully been called a tourist area after the people of the village have participated in building the potential of the surrounding attractions.

“[Management of tourism potential] needs to be studied by the people of Raja Ampat [especially] considering that Raja Ampat Regency has beautiful and extraordinary tourist destinations,” Lamatenggo said.

Lamatenggo’s dream is simple. He only wants the residents of Raja Ampat can develop their villages so that they can improve the local economy.


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