West Papua Builds Roads in Arfak Mountains to Boost Tourism West Papuan


West Papua Builds Roads in Arfak Mountains to Boost Tourism

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The West Papua administration will build roads in Arfak Mountains regency to support the development of the tourism sector and public services in the area.

“The construction will begin for the Anggi-Ulong-Penibut and Sakumi roads,” said the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, in Manokwari, Thursday, November 22.

Dominggus said the administration wanted to facilitate the access from Anggi as the hub of administration with other districts. However, the construction will be carried out in stages according to budget capabilities.

He said the construction had already been started by the local administration and the central administration through the National Road Implementation Center (BPJN).

“The latest information that I received was like that, BPJN is temporarily could not continue the construction of the road in Pegaf (Arfak Mountains) because it was given a target to complete the trans road in West Papua,” he said.

According to Dominggus, the people of Kampung Uper refused the road paving if they had to bring in materials such as stones and sand from other areas. They want the construction to utilize the materials available in their own area.

According to the governor, the people’s wish was positive as it can cut the construction’s costs. Even so, the materials used must go through laboratory tests to ensure the quality of the building. “ The material feasibility must be considered, the terrain here is quite heavy,” he said.

The quality of the stones in the area is considered poor because they are mixed with soil. If used, said the governor, the asphalt would be easily damaged due to the weather and track loads. “ I have told the regent to convey [this] to the community. So that they understand and the construction will run smoothly,” the West Papua Governor said.

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