Unique Villages in the Mountains of West Papua West Papuan


Unique Villages in the Mountains of West Papua

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Anggi Lake

Arfak Mountains – Arfak Mountains (Pegunungan Arfak or Pegaf) which are located in West Papua do save a lot of surprises. One more thing to know for travelers is their unique villages.

detikTravel with Mapala UI (Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam Universitas Indonesia or Students’ Mountaineering Club of Indonesia University) had the opportunity to explore Arfak Mountains in the 2018 Bumi Cendrawasih Expedition a few weeks ago. Between the expeditions, we visited several villages, most of which were built around the lake, both Anggi Giji and Anggi Gida lakes.

Every village in the Arfak Mountains has a field to play soccer. Despite being in the mountains, residents will leave a large piece of land to play soccer together. Arfak Mountain Health Office Chief Timothy Nuham explained this. Citizens’ love of football even encouraged them to flatten the hill to make the field. The field is named after the current Pegaf Regent, Yosias Saroy.

Concrete road in Kampung Irai

Irai village is the first and only village that has a concrete road. In other villages, visitors will only find ordinary dirt roads. This village is also more advanced and there are many people who have tertiary education, some even have doctorate degrees.

Irai also has a good clean water system. In front of the house and in the village’s public building we can easily find a tap for clean water. These taps are connected to springs on the hill closest to the village. The water is clear so it can be used for everyday life, it can even be drunk directly.


The second village we had visited was Kostera Village. The road in Kostera is not made of stone or asphalt but is planted with grass with an even height. The village which is located at the foot of Kobrey Hill has houses that are lined with wood. From a distance, Kostera looks so neat and soothingly green.

Travelers should not miss a visit to these villages if they are in the Arfak Mountains. Besides the beautiful scenery, the residents of these villages are also very friendly.

Arfak Regency is located at an altitude of 1,700 m above sea level. Its natural tourism potential is so high. We can find the twin lakes, the protected birds and butterflies observatory, and the local culture.

Although the 7-hour trip from Manokwari to the Arfak Mountains Regency has challenging roads and will certainly took a toll on your body, detikTravel still strongly recommends this tourist destination for all travelers.

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