House of A Thousand Legs of the Arfak Tribes West Papuan


House of A Thousand Legs of the Arfak Tribes

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For those who are familiar with the Papuan tribes, they can usually immediately imagine the honai if asked about traditional Papuan houses. Yes, honai is indeed a traditional house commonly found in Papua. However traditional houses in Papua are not only honai. There is also Mod Aki Aksa.

Mod Aki Aksa or igjokei is a traditional house of the Arfak tribe that lives in the interior of the area. Unlike the honai built on the ground, igjokei has a stilt house structure. Because of that, the igjokei height is quite towering, can reach five to six meters.

The igjokei stilt structure is slightly different from the stage house from other parts of Indonesia. This traditional house has many supporting poles and even though this house can reach 48 m2. The distance between the support poles is usually around 30 cm. The diameter of the poles is quite small, averaging 10 cm. A glance from the outside; this house seems to have a thousand legs. No wonder if common people call it the House of a Thousand Legs.

Igjokei is indeed deliberately made with this complex structure to prevent users from danger. The main threat for tribes living in these forests is wild animals, besides the danger can also come from other tribes who are their enemies. The height of the house makes it easy to supervise the surrounding area. Intruders also find it difficult to enter because this house only has two doors which can be easily monitored by the community who inhabit it.

Igjokei is now hard to find. If you want to see the original igjokei, we need to enter the interior of the Arfak Mountains forest. It’s a shame if the local wisdom of the Arfak Tribe is lost in the times. Therefore, this igjokei needs to be preserved so that it can be observed and studied by Indonesia’s generation in the future.

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