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Enchantment Festival to reveal wonders of Raja Ampat

"The festival themed ‘Exotic Raja Ampat’, is being organized at different locations with the objective of boosting the local economy

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Let’s Hear The Sound of The Pacific!

In order to strengthen the brotherhood of nations in the Pacific, come to the Sound of Pacific Concert, featuring outstanding

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5 places the world’s youngest globe-trotter can’t wait to revisit

For the past three years, Lexie Alford has been traveling at a fevered pace. In her race to become the youngest

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West Papua wins Global Conservation Hero Award

The Bird’s Head Seascape reports that Indonesia’s West Papua Province (which includes Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderwasih Bay) was

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The Must-Visit Pacific Expo 2019 in New Zealand

Pacific is a vast archipelago with 25,000 islands.

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The development of Indonesia as a superyacht destination

In conjunction with the publication of The Superyacht Migration Report, Andy Shorten, managing director and owner of the The Lighthouse

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5 Hal Menarik tentang Raja Ampat yang Perlu Diketahui sebelum Ke Sana

WARTAKOTA, PALMEAH-- Liburan ke Raja Ampat seperti impian banyak orang. Raja Ampat merupakan salah satu wilayah kepulauan di Provinsi Papua Barat yang kaya akan wisata bahari. Masih banyak orang salah

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110 People Joined a Mission to West Papua

In 2016, there were 110 volunteers from all around Indonesia who joined a mission to West Papua. Cintya Pramana Dewi

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Peaceful Resolution to West Papua’s War

Baliem Valley Festival in Welesi District, Wamena, is a place where Indonesia could showcase the cultural richness of West Papua

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Young Women Talks About West Papua

Herlina Yawang was a student from West Papua when her business won at Indonesia Development Forum, introducing West Papuan culture