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A new charter yacht to explore the virgin coastline of West Papua

The Raja Ampat archipelago is one of the most richly biodiverse places on earth; West Papua, one of its least

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What is it like for Indigenous Papuans to live in West Papua?


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The Must-Visit Pacific Expo in New Zealand

Towards one Pacific destination, let's connect the dots between Pacific and Southeast Asia. Indonesia supported by Australia and New Zealand

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Let’s Visit The Biggest Maritime Festival in West Papua!

With 540 species of hard corals, more than 1.300 fish species, and 700 soft bodied sea creatures make 75% of

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West Papua wins Global Conservation Hero Award

The Bird’s Head Seascape reports that Indonesia’s West Papua Province (which includes Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderwasih Bay) was

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Raja Ampat prepares three locations for Maritime Festival

Waisai, Papua (ANTARA) - The Raja Ampat District Government, West Papua Province, has prepared three locations for the Maritime Festival

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Dulu Gelap Gulita, Papua Kini Rasakan Aliran Listrik

Bertahun-tahun kampung ini gelap. Namun listrik akhirnya tiba dan menerangi rumah-rumah kami. Semua senang setelah ada lampu. Anak-anak bisa belajar

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West Papuans: Indigenous People That The World Forgot

Indigenous Papuans are often described as oppressed and suffered living in their own lands, but the reality is the opposite.

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West Papua: The Land of Reggae

Brace yourself to sing and dance your heart out. Step in to the wonderful Crossborder Festival!

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The development of Indonesia as a superyacht destination

In conjunction with the publication of The Superyacht Migration Report, Andy Shorten, managing director and owner of the The Lighthouse