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Discovering Indonesia: From West Papua to Central Java

There is much more of Indonesia, a nation with more than 17,000 islands, worth discovering beyond Bali.

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Wajib Tahu! Ini Fakta Tentang Krisis Literasi di Papua

Anak Papua harus pintar dan jadi pemimpin bangsa, salah satunya lewat Literasi Kelas Awal untuk menghilangkan buta huruf yang diinisiasi

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Indonesian Pride: A Passion to Teach Kids in West Papua

Until now, there are 30,995 teachers coming to West Papua from other 4 Indonesia islands; Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

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Jangan Cuma Raja Ampat, Datang ke Festival Budaya ini di Papua!

Bagi kalian yang belum pernah ke Papua, pernah terbayang berjalan di atas batu panas tanpa alas kaki? Itulah yang disajikan

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Peaceful Resolution to West Papua’s War

Baliem Valley Festival in Welesi District, Wamena, is a place where Indonesia could showcase the cultural richness of West Papua

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Brace Yourself to the BMW Cultural Festival in West Papua!

Come witness one of the biggest cultural festivals in West Papua, Biak Munara Wampasi (BMW) in Biak Numfor from 1-6

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The Untouched Diving Paradise In West Papua You Must Visit

Raja Ampat, West Papua is the real heaven on earth for scuba diving. With more than 400 islands, big and

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West Papuans Behind The Beauty of Raja Ampat

Thinking about a visit to West Papua? Mark your calendar for the 2019 Raja Ampat Marine Festival on 18-21 October

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Why West Papuans Are The Best Football Players from Indonesia

West Papua is identical with football. Almost every year, West Papua always sends its best players to represent Indonesia National

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West Papuans: Indigenous People That The World Forgot

Indigenous Papuans are often described as oppressed and suffered living in their own lands, but the reality is the opposite.