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Doesn’t Religion Cause Most of The Conflict in West Papua?

As an Indonesian province with Christians as the majority, what do West Papuans think of Muslim Fasting Month (Ramadan) there?

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The Fight of West Papuan Children

Papuan children in Raja Ampat have to sail the sea to go to school on another island. But they still

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Meet the Conservation Hero in West Papua

Misool Foundation and ocean rangers are protecting ocean and biodiversity in West Papua. Let's meet them!

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Do Religious Conflicts Threaten West Papua?

Is it true that Christians in West Papua are intimidated by Muslims? In fact, Christians as the majority in West

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Are There Any Muslims in West Papua?

In a few days, Muslims all around the world, will celebrate the holy month, Ramadan, where they are ordered to

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Pelajar Papua Seberangi lautan demi pendidikan

Sebagian anak-anak Raja Ampat berjuang mengarungi laut dan hidup jauh dari orang tua demi menempuh pendidikan untuk membangun Papua dan

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Fun Facts About Papua You Don’t Know, Yet

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Nikko Karki, founder of Indo Yachts, reveals the ultimate yacht safari taking in the Indonesian archipelago’s unspoiled beaches, jungle and


West Papua Builds Roads in Arfak Mountains to Boost Tourism

The West Papua administration will build roads in Arfak Mountains regency to support the development of the tourism sector and

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West Papua Increases Raja Ampat Community Tourism Management Capability

Raja Ampat Regency Government, West Papua, is currently trying to improve the ability of rural tourism communities to manage tourist