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The First South Pacific Expo in New Zealand

Come and witness The Pacific Expo on 11-14 July in Auckland, New Zealand.

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United For West Papua

Let’s together we build Papua, don’t make a difference because we are one Papua!

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What Happened During Easter in West Papua?

People in West Papua just finished commemorating the Good Friday and Easter on 21 April, 2019. As the tradition goes,

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Papua Tra Kosong

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Asmat Introduces Suspension Bridge as New Tourism Icon in Papua

The Asmat Regency administration, Papua Province, set a suspension bridge located in Suru Village, Agats District as a new tourism

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Our homeland, dear Indonesia

The nationalist vision of Indonesian unity, coined by Sukarno, was implied in a handwritten letter by himself, dated December 19th,


The Unique Biak Munara Wampasi Festival

Indonesia's charm will never ceases to exist. From Sabang to Marauke and the range of islands, with diverse ethnicities, languages,


Begini Cara Papua Barat Berpartisipasi dalam Ajang Asian Games!

Ajang Asian Games yang selama ini ditunggu-tunggu sudah tinggal menghitung hari. Indonesia sebagai tuan rumah, tak tanggung-tanggung dalam persiapan perhelatan