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The First South Pacific Expo in New Zealand

Come and witness The Pacific Expo on 11-14 July in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Protecting West Papua Sea

Fishermen living in Sombokoro Village, West Papua were complaining their catch, especially the sea cucumbers and lobsters, has lowered. Therefore,

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Meet the Guardians of the West Papua Sea

Raja Ampat, West Papua, is known for it’s world's largest marine biodiversity. This natural wealth can only be enjoyed if

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Doesn’t Religion Cause Most of The Conflict in West Papua?

As an Indonesian province with Christians as the majority, what do West Papuans think of Muslim Fasting Month (Ramadan) there?

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The Future of West Papua Conservation Province

This is a story about teachers of Kalabia Environmental School dedicating their lives to teach West Papuan children about conservation

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Meet the Conservation Hero in West Papua

Misool Foundation and ocean rangers are protecting ocean and biodiversity in West Papua. Let's meet them!

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Raja Ampat in Indonesia: how to enjoy the tropical island paradise and avoid the crowds

Hidden away in the remote Indonesian province of West Papua, Raja Ampat’s pristine islands reveal untouched tropical jungles and sparkling

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In Indonesia, Bigger Catches for a Fishing Village Protecting its Mangroves

The outboard motor thrums as the boat makes gentle progress along one of 19 tributaries of the Nibung. “We’ll go

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West Papua Rise Up!

A song about the rise of West Papuans

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You Cannot Touch Our Nature: The Sasi Culture in West Papua

Inside the beautiful nature of West Papua, there is a secret that guards its beauty: a culture of wisdom called