Asmat Introduces Suspension Bridge as New Tourism Icon in Papua West Papuan


Asmat Introduces Suspension Bridge as New Tourism Icon in Papua

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The Asmat Regency administration, Papua Province, set a suspension bridge located in Suru Village, Agats District as a new tourism icon in the region.

Asmat Regent Elisa Kambu in Jayapura, Thursday, said that the district is globally known as tourist destination, and so the bridge will be an attractive site for tourists visiting the city of muds and carving.

“Other than the suspension bridge, we have completed bridges construction in several locations, such as Kaye and Suru village,” Elisa added.

According to Elisa, the project of suspension bridge and roads in Agats District was financed by the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry’s Bina Marga in tandem with PT Wijaya Karya.

“The project is also established as an effort to support the emergency disaster response and recovery relief of measles virus and malnutrition that hit the region in 2018,” Elisa noted.

Osman Harianto Marbun, the head of National Road Development Center (BBPJN) Area XI Jayapura, shared the same statement with Elisa. He mentioned the bridge project costs a total of Rp81 billion.

“Rp7 billion for the construction of the suspension bridge and Rp74 billion for the bridge road,” he outlined, adding that the suspension bridge situated in Asmat District has 72 meters of length and 1.6 meters of width, while the road is measured at 2.9 kilometers x 4 square meters.

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